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Today the site gets up and running! Hopefully everything is properly polished and I get a good grade.

Joe Kertzman, Managing Editor BLADE Magazine

In August of 2012 the Japanese Culinary Arts Network (JCAN) will bring three master knife craftsmen to the United States for a tour demonstrating traditional Japanese knifemaking. This is an incredible opportunity for culinary professionals and consumers alike. The tour will include forging and engraving in locales across the U.S., kicking off in Sonoma on August 12, stopping along the way in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Atlanta and Manhattan, and concluding with a closing reception in Brooklyn on August 18.

Guide Saves Kayakers Using John Wayne Knife

Brody Kidd, a guide for Door County (Wisconsin) Kayak Tours, was on a Lake Michigan beach preparing to lead a kayak tour scheduled for noon on June 8th. He spotted three people clinging to the side of their own kayak, which was drifting further out into deep waters because of an offshore breeze. Kidd jumped into his kayak, towing an additional small boat out to the threesome.

It turned into a daring rescue when he realized all three were tangled in ropes, near death and suffering from extreme hypothermia. Kidd pulled out his old John Wayne commemorative folding knife he always carried to cut them loose. He helped a woman into his kayak and two men into the boat, got them to shore and began performing first aid when emergency crews arrived.

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